Metanoia: March 6, 2018

Song of the Three Young Men 2–4,11–20a
Matthew 18:21–35
Psalm 25:3–10

These three young men had nothing to give as a sacrifice or offering to God. They were deeply humble, however, and asked God to accept and deliver them from their terrible ordeal. Their faith and love must have been tremendous!

Many times in my life, I have felt a desperate need of help, both physically and emotionally. Crying out to God, falling on bended knee, begging for help; God has always answered. Maybe the help didn’t arrive how or when I wanted but it always came. Looking back, I see the many times deliverance was freely given to me by God, even when I didn’t deserve it.

Dear Lord, You are so mighty, strong and good. You care for me in ways I cannot always understand but You always know what is best. I have no power of my own, it is only through You that I am saved. Amen.
-Sister Katherine