My Soul Rejoices: Rejoicing with Mary

My Soul Rejoices

Two things to know about me:

1. I root for underdogs.
2. I enjoy schadenfreude (taking joy at the misfortune of others).

I’m sure that second statement sounds like it would be antithetical to the Christian life, but it is more that I enjoy seeing unethical people struggle in the end. I love seeing bullies face justice, people who commit embezzlement leave in handcuffs, and unjust politicians be sentenced to jail time. I prefer to think that I’m “justice-minded”. 🙂

The Magnificat fits into that “justice-mindedness”. A teenage girl in an occupied land is singing about the social order being turned upside down. Those who are starving will be fed, and those who are well-fed will starve. Those in power will lose it, and those with no power will find themselves lifted up. It sounds amazing and honestly too good to be true. However, all of this came true in the actions of her son Jesus. He fed people, healed those whose illnesses were preventing them from being part of the community, called out those in power, and even pulled one over on Rome (the hated conqueror and occupier of Judea) by coming back to life after they brutally executed him.

In this devotional book, we are going to look at the Magnificat, but we will also look at three readings that came before it. Hannah’s song in 1 Samuel 2 mirrors the Magnificat in many ways, so we will start with it. The Annunciation and Visitation set the scene for the Magnificat so those will be looked at as well. Interspersed are a couple of essays from people in the parish on what the Magnificat means to them.

As always, there is a playlist with various settings of the text. You can find it here.
May you be blessed this Advent season!
-Jen McCabe