Say Hello to Andy

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Let’s face it...St. Paul’s is hardly what one would describe as a “youthful” congregation. A quick look around the sanctuary during a Sunday service will confirm that most of us, with a few notable exceptions, are what one might politely describe as “getting along in years.”  

Which is one of the reasons that Andy stands among our St. Paul’s congregation. Another reason is that he’s just a super kid. If you’ve been attending St. Paul’s during the last couple of months, you’ve probably noticed him. He’s a good looking young man with a warm and ready smile, excellent manners, and a quiet sense of confidence when it comes to mixing comfortably with so many adults — which is particularly impressive when you consider that he’s just 12 years old. 

Andy’s folks attend services at La Iglesia de la Resurrección, but Andy has chosen to worship at St. Paul’s because he wants to participate in the English liturgy. If you were at our service on November 1, you might even have heard him lend his voice to the Prayers of the People. I don’t know about you, but I doubt I would have had the self assurance to attend a church service on my own when I was 12. Although his parents provide transportation, I’ve also seen him riding his bike home after service. That’s dedication.

I recently recruited Andy to help change out the sign board on the front lawn — a task he was happy to assist with, and which made my job of finding and placing the letters not only a lot faster, but a lot more enjoyable. Those of us with grandkids know that spending time with young people is a special blessing — and when I think of the future of St. Paul’s, it’s heart warming to think that Andy might well be a part of what that future looks like. It that’s so, we’re in good hands. 

So, when you see Andy, give him a handshake and/or a pat on the back and thank him for being a part of our St. Paul’s family. He’s the kind of kid that will really appreciate that.