Prepare the Way: Acknowledgments

Prepare the Way!

I cannot put these devotional books together by myself, so I would like to acknowledge the following people:

  • The cover photo was taken by Shalev Cohen and shared on Unsplash.Com. It depicts Eleutheropolis, Israel.
  • My intrepid team of writers (who had all of their pieces to me within 48 hours of the deadline) is composed of the Rev. Keith Axberg, Michael Boss, Lara Cole, Cathey Frederick, the Rev. Paul Moore, David Sloat, Ashley Sweeney, Mary Ann Taylor, the Rev. Vicki Wesen, and Tom Worrell.
  • The Rev. Paul Moore gives me the grace of letting me do pretty much whatever I want with these projects, and I appreciate his trust in my ability to pull this off.
  • Christmas blessings to you all!
    -Jen McCabe