St. Paul’s OPOP

Our One Parish One Prisoner (OPOP) team at St. Paul’s has been working together for a year to prepare for our guest’s homecoming. In the process, our lives have been transformed. Meet the OPOP Team:

The St.Pauls/Resurreccion OPOP Team
Pictured here, Mary Ann Taylor, Carol Boss, Baudalina Paz, Fr. Paul Moore, and Tom Worrell.
Members not present include: Paul Lowe, Lauren Wright, Dan Niven, and Francisco Lopez

As we began our journey in preparation for Paul’s homecoming, we learned about Mass Incarceration. This short video will give you an idea of where Paul has been.

As we prepare to welcome Paul into our family, members of the OPOP team have been sharing excerpts from his letters. Tom Worrell reads about Paul’s hopes.

Tom Worrell reads from a letter from Paul.

Paul Lowe shares his own story and its similarities and differences to Paul F.’s story.

Now, we would like to introduce you to our new friend Paul. Click on Paul’s picture to go to our bulletin board. Click on the slides to advance them.

Our OPOP friend Paul

Check back for updates because Paul has a lot to share with us.

To find out more about OPOP, click on One Parish One Prisoner. There, you can watch a 6-minute video clip in which Chris Hoke (prison minister and founder of Underground Ministries), Bethany Hull Sommers (former pastor at Burlington Lutheran Church) and Erin Rozema (member of the OPOP team at Burlington Lutheran Church and Michael and Carol Boss’ amazing daughter) talk about the program. There are now approximately 25 churches involved in the OPOP program.