Metanoia: February 28, 2018

Jeremiah 18:1–11,18–20
Matthew 20:17–28
Psalm 31:9–16

The potter in Jeremiah set out to make a well planned and executed vessel from clay on his potter’s wheel. The vessel that he created, however, was not the one he had so carefully planned for. He stopped his work, remolded the clay and started all over again to make a different vessel from the one he had planned on.

How often does this happen to us? Carefully made plans have a way of coming undone or even falling to pieces.

In 2012, I made a carefully planned move to Texas. After selling everything I owned; car, house, furniture, etc. I loaded up my few remaining possessions and drove to Waco. After only four months there, it became quite clear to me that this plan to live in Texas was not to be. The sale of my home fell through, I fell and dislocated a shoulder, I could not find employment, and nothing was working out as I had planned. God certainly knew what was best for me and I was very happy to return to my home in Washington and to start all over again.

I praise and thank you, Lord, for caring for me and directing me to the right path and place for my life. Amen.
-Sister Katherine, OSB