Metanoia: February 21, 2018

Jonah 3:1–10
Luke 11:29–32
Psalm 51:11–18

In today’s Old Testament reading, the psalmist prays for God to renew and sustain the Holy Spirit’s presence within him. He then promises God to share God’s ways with the wicked and praise God’s name. These pleas are just as relevant today as they were in the psalmist’s time. We all have times when we feel down and less close to God than we have experienced in the past. Perhaps it is a family crisis, job loss, health problem, financial challenge, or just plain feeling down. God hasn’t changed or moved – He is still waiting for us to turn back to Him as the source of our renewal. He wants us to realize that He loves us and has good plans for our lives. Sometimes God’s plans involve things that we haven’t imagined. Whatever His plans, they are good plans and God will supply all that we need to carry them out.

Several times during my nursing career, I found myself in a “down” mood related to my profession. Soon God revealed His plans – it was time for a job change or a return to school. Although I sometimes complained to Him (“God, why?”), He soon revealed His reasons. One time I was commuting from Everett to Seattle when He showed me that it was time to make a change – and He showed me the job posting for a Public Health Nurse position that was to be my new focus in nursing, which not only eliminated the commute but also opened a new world focusing on nursing of children with disabilities.

Lord, remind us that “down” times are the opportunity for You to reveal Your good plans for us. We praise You for Your love and good plans for us. Amen.
-Barbara Cheyney