Magnificat: December 1, 2019

Hannah prayed and said, “My heart exults in the Lord; my strength is exalted in my God. My mouth derides my enemies, because I rejoice in my victory.” – 1 Samuel 2:1

Hannah prayed and said, “My heart exults in the Lord…” Hannah longed for but was unable to bear a child for her husband Elkanah. Finally, she gave birth to a baby boy and named him Samuel. She was so happy that she had what she had wanted and asked for in prayer for so long that she gave this baby boy, her beloved son, to God.

I think of how long I have wanted and yearned for something. If this thing were given to me, would I give it completely to God? I firmly believe that anything and everything that we want and is given to us should be handed over to God completely, with no attachments or conditions. Everything we own; our education, profession, talents, gifts, even our children should be happily handed over.

In this world of self-assertiveness, high efficiency, complete productivity, lofty goals, and self-made success, do we ever think of giving it all to God? Instead of thinking about how hard we worked to get what we want, we should bow down and give complete and sincere thanks to God for allowing us to have it all and for giving it all to us in the first place.

Father in Heaven, thank you for all you have allowed and given to me in this life here on earth. Let me remember from where it all came and love and treat everything I have accordingly. Amen.
-Sister Katharine, OSB