Even When It Hurts: March 27, 2021

Even When It Hurts -- Lent 2021 Devotional Book

Read: Psalm 57

For your steadfast love is as high as the heavens; your faithfulness extends to the clouds.
-Psalm 57:10

This psalm is believed to have been written by David during one of the two times when he was hiding from King Saul in a cave. David was a servant of King Saul and his job was to make music when Saul was sad. Saul was jealous of David’s popularity with the people and sought to destroy him. So “Bible students think that David also wrote this psalm so that the people could sing it to music that they called “Do not destroy”. Psalm 57 is called a miktam. This means it had a hidden meaning or had special teaching in it.” (Free Bible Commentary) Think of David hiding in a cave singing and praising God for his steadfast love and faithfulness!

God counts on us, His people, to reach out to those around us who are suffering or in need so that they experience God’s faithfulness in their hour of need. I am thinking of a friend of mine who was suffering from COVID-19 and who was in desperate straits, trying to survive the virus all alone in her apartment. I reached out to the prayer chain in our church and to different members of our congregation asking them to hold Sue in their prayers. A month later, Sue is doing so much better and is so grateful for the prayers and good thoughts sent her way. God is faithful!!!!

Our Soroptimist club in La Conner has budgeted money for a Christmas Program which gives out gift cards and checks to the families of children in our local schools who are facing financial difficulties. The number of children who experience food insecurity and/or homeless has almost doubled from last year. Our club felt privileged to also deliver the gifts for these families that were purchased by different members of the community through the Washington Federal Christmas Tree family adoption program. Due to COVID-19, we were not able to give and receive the hugs we normally do but we did see the joy and anticipation on the children’s faces and the gratitude and relief on the parents’ faces that there would be gifts under the tree this year.

Lord, help us to be sensitive to your prompting to show Your faithfulness and love by reaching out to those in need. Amen.
-Marilyn Allen