Anti-Racism Covenant

From Bishop Greg Rickel:

Dear People of the Diocese of Olympia and beyond,
At our most recent Diocesan Convention, you overwhelmingly passed a resolution supporting the Anti-Racism Covenant put forth initially by the Rt. Rev. Deon Johnson, Bishop of Missouri, and co-sponsored by many other bishops. My name has been on this covenant since just after its posting, however, I have now, on your behalf, added not just my name and office but the entire Diocese of Olympia. Read it and more importantly, read it regularly, use it as a rule of life right now, study it in your congregations, and hold it up as the ideal we are striving for. As I said at our convention, signing such documents, passing such resolutions, really is the easy part. The difficult part, the part that will change this Church, this country, this world, is our following it, acting on it, living into it. I offer it here as I vow to do just that personally.

You can read more about this Covenant, see the list of signers, and sign yourself here. A PDF is available here.