Agape: Why Agape?

Agape: The 2020 Lenten Devotional for St. Paul's Episcopal Church

When I was pondering ideas for this year’s devotional booklet last spring while sitting in the classroom where I do drop-in tutoring, the word agape came to me. I love Greek words, so this sounded good to me.

Agape is one of four words that comprise the English word “love”. Eros is a romantic/sexual love, storge is a natural or familial love, philios is the companionable or relational love that is part of friendship, and agape is frequently rendered as “charity”. It is a soul-changing and divine love that transcends everything else. Fr. Paul describes it as a “sacrificial love”, which is fitting because it is the love shown by Jesus as he willingly died for our sins. It seemed like a fitting topic to explore this year.

Everything is laid out the same way as in previous years. The passage is at the top, there is a reflection under them, and then a prayer at the end. We at St. Paul’s wish you a holy Lent and a blessed Holy Week.
-Jen McCabe